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“IMy husband and I stopped in on a Sat night to try this restaurant out, since I had read that it was really good.  But it way surpassed really good.  We each ordered a Chef's Special dish, and both were perfectly cooked, with a rich flavorful, yet delicate sauce.  Just a tough of heat on the edge of the plate that gives you a choice of how much you want to use.  Warm friendly atomosphere, service was very accommodating, and you could see the diners around us really enjoying themselves.  There was a birthday party next to us having a grand old time.  Their good humor was contageous.  It's that kind of place.  We ordered the raw chocolate cheese cake and I still can't figure out how that could have been the best cheesecake we have ever had, and have it vegan!  We plan on taking others there.  Even meat eaters will find this food satisfying.

If you go, I hope you get to meet the owner.  His personality and talent define the place.

I hope they will be opening Sundays soon.

Arlene M., Silver Spring








" I went to Evolve Friday night with my friend who is a meat eater. I am a transitioning vegan ( I still slip up and eat dairy now and then. ) Anyways, I usually don't care for tofu, but their chick-un was delicious and I honestly would have thought it was meat if I didn't know it was a vegan restaurant! The mac-n-cheese  and maple kale was great as well! The service was great my waiter was nice and attentive and the owner was walking around greeting people. I had an awesome first experience and I recommend this place to everyone, particularly those who have a craving for meat substitutes that really taste like the real thing! I'll definitely be paying Evolve another visit in the near future! "

Lindsey H. , Hyattsville








"Evolve is my FAVORITE hang out now, after my first visit! The vibe, the food, the drinks and the people are unbelievable. I can't wait to go back. This is the place to go when you want to mellow out, actually have a conversation with one or several people, eat some great food (and I LOVE to eat), and be yourself. We had the great pleasure of talking with the owner and a couple of the awesome people who work there and I can't begin to tell you how warm and welcome they made us feel. It's right beside the Takoma Park Metro Station so if you haven't been, you need to make that trip soon. You WILL NOT be disappointed!"
Richelle Alexis Lumpkins, Facebook Review
"Amazing owner, amazing staff, amazing food, amazing music, amazing memories"
Stephanie Salter, Facebook Review


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